The christening gown is the clothing worn by babies, either male or female, during the occasion of their baptism. This is practised by Christians because of the significance of the gown to their faith.

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The Christening Gown in Relation to the Bible

In early biblical days, Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden. They were blameless before God until they were deceived by Satan and ate fruit from the tree of good and evil. This allowed sin into the world. They were punished by God and had to leave the garden.

Later on, in the New Testament era, God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to come and save the world from sin. Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist. At the baptism, the Holy Spirit descended on him and bore witness that he was the Son of God. He was crucified and put to death on the cross for the sins of the world. He defeated sin by his crucifixion. He was resurrected three days after his death and ascended into heaven.

The christening gown relates to the story of Jesus by symbolising the innocence of the child. This is the reason it is made in white. It also represents the fact that the baby’s sins have been forgiven. The child can now connect with God and live a holy life. The baptism of the baby therefore marks the beginning of a journey with God.

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A Keepsake for the Family

The baptismal gown was popular in the Victorian era. During those days, fabrics that were decorated were in vogue. Subsequently, the christening dress was made with silk. This was, however, costly and took a long time to make. In some families, the baptismal gown was kept to be used by other children in the family. In others, the dress was passed down from one generation to the next as a keepsake gift. Apart from the gown, people gave a variety of gifts to the baby. In places such as Ireland christening gifts such as those available at could be personalised.

The christening gown is significant to Christians. It symbolises the purity of the child. It also shows that the child has a relationship with God. This makes it not only fashionable but also meaningful for a baby to wear a baptismal gown.