There are many reasons you might need to hire a marquee in your life, from special wedding events to outdoor events that require a covering. Whether it’s a Christmas party or a christening, you want your guests to be comfortable, shielded from the elements, and surrounded by a pleasant structure that has their safety in mind. The trouble most people have is measuring for the marquee they need. Many factors can get in the way of the type of marquee and size that people need, whether it’s weather issues, the cost and having the right scale. There is a certain formula you can use that will allow you to work out what space you need perfectly.

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Cover All

If you are holding a large event such a corporate event or party and require a company for marquee hire in Kent, it is important to iron out all the details of the event’s location before making a final decision on which marquee to get. If you have the space for a back garden marquee, you can eliminate a lot of headaches by asking an outside company to come in and help. You want to optimise the space you have without compromising on what you need too much.

According to an article on the Health and Safety Executive website, a lot of health and safety rules surround the use of marquees. Don’t be tempted to hop onto your local Facebook selling page to pick up a marquee that can be done by hand. It is far better to have a professional erect it for you so that everything is in the right place and it can be used for the right purpose.

Space Saving

When determining your space, you need to consider the number of guests, the type of food you need, the band you will hire and the size of the bar and disco space. All of these things will need to stay covered by the top of the marquee. Companies like are available to help you plan the amount of space your event will need.

If you want your event to go off without a hitch, it is better to call a few companies and judge the space you have in person to ensure your event is perfect.