We are fast moving into the last few months of the year and before you know it we will be on the exciting countdown to Christmas. If you have recently enlisted the services of a Mortgage Advisor Gloucester such as https://www.palmermortgages.co.uk/mortgages/ to help with the purchase of a new property before the end of the year or perhaps you are looking to remortgage to make some improvements to your home, here are some ideas of what Father Christmas might like as a flooring option in your home!

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Whatever your family traditions and religious beliefs, there’s still a place for good old Father Christmas in everyone’s hearts, embodying as he does the spirit of giving and good cheer at this festive time of year.

Unless you’ve been to Santa’s home in Lapland, you won’t know which is his preferred style of flooring – but we can certainly see how our own floors could benefit him on his short but necessary visit to our homes this Christmas Eve.

Cosy carpets

A traditional choice throughout most homes, carpets are warm and cosy in the winter time, offering somewhere soft and snug to place your bare feet.

Santa will no doubt enjoy the feel of carpet under his boots as he places your presents under your tree, but he will also appreciate the fact that carpet provides the quietest flooring on offer.

So if you want the kids to sleep soundly while Father Christmas pays his visit, invest in a new deep pile carpet and you’ll not hear a peep.

Vivacious vinyl

Vinyl flooring is adaptable, hardwearing and stylish, making it a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

As far as Father Christmas is concerned, it couldn’t be more user-friendly. Vinyl is non-slip, so Santa won’t slide as he lugs his sackful of toys across your kitchen floor.

It’s also water-resistant, so the melting snow which falls from his boots will be easily cleaned up the next day. Muddy footprints, too, can be hastily mopped up before the relatives arrive for dinner.

Wonderful wood

Wooden floors are extremely hardwearing as well as beautiful, making them ideal for resisting scuffs from Santa’s heavy boots and sack laden with toys.

They’re easy to clean, too, which is great because, according to the classic poem ‘A Visit From St Nicholas’ by Clement Clarke Moore, Santa’s clothes are “all tarnished with ashes and soot.”

Father Christmas will thank you for it – and he might even leave you an extra present