There is a lot more to choosing a wooden door than a customer may realise. Apart from the type of wood to opt for, the design and, of course, the cost, there is also the quality, thickness and size, as well as the overall finish.

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Customers may assume doors are all one standard size and the same thickness, but while there are many standard fittings available, often the required size will depend on the age of the property the door is for, the look the customer is wanting and what room or rooms the doors are for. For example, if the room is very dark, customers may be recommended a wooden door with glass panels in order to let in some natural light. However, if the door is for a bathroom, lavatory or a bedroom, then privacy may be required. Office doors may also require privacy, whereas meeting room doors may require viewing.


Whether to go for a flush or panelled design is down to personal choice. There are also options for horizontal or vertical veneers, depending on what the customer wants. Many of the decisions may be based on budget, or in some cases ordering times, as a very specific and detailed design will most likely be made to order, which will inevitably take longer to deliver.

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For those working in the industry, wood beading machines from companies such as can produce perfect joints effectively and efficiently, producing a professional finish on a variety of different woods.

Carpentry is a skilled job which has been valued for hundreds of years, but in recent years, there has been a shortage of professional trained workers. This gap in the market has prompted a new heritage carpentry course to be offered. The course aims to train people not only in carpentry skills, but specifically how to repair and renovate historic properties:


Most standard doors are between 35mm – 40mm thick, but fire doors are 44mm thick, so customers are advised to check the fire regulations of their property.


Bathroom doors can sometimes be slightly smaller than other rooms and cupboard doors often need to be made to measure.

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Quality, well fitted wooden doors are key for any property. Whether going for a traditional design or a modern look, there is choice and variety available.