Along with deciding exactly what kind of boiler you want, deciding where to put it is a very important decision. Convenience and functionality need to be balanced when determining the best place in your home for your boiler.

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Appearance and Noise

Some householders want their boiler to be located in a particular part of the home so that it is not in the way and doesn’t interfere with home decor or make too much noise.

Boilers are generally placed in rooms such as the bathroom, utility room, kitchen or possibly a bedroom. Access to an outside wall is necessary, as now by law all new boilers must be of the condensing variety, and so they require a discharge pipe to the outside to deal with the condensation.

Boiler Rules

Boilers must also be situated an appropriate distance from windows or doors. A boiler will have a minimum distance that the flue must be located in order to be in a suitable place with regard to doors and any windows. Pipes will also be needed, along with access to a pipe for waste products, which is why the bathroom often tops the list as a handy place to install a boiler. However, all of these things will be affected by how much space you have and what kind of layout your home offers. As the layout of your rooms cannot really change, the boiler placement will have to work with what is available.

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Problems with a boiler may not mean the end of its life. Effective plumbers can make a big difference to how a boiler performs. Insurers may write off boilers unnecessarily. For more on this topic, see this report in The Guardian.

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Whether getting a new boiler or dealing with a boiler that you already have, it is vital to get competent and qualified Gas Safe engineers to deal with your boiler. The boiler is an important part of your home and needs regular attention.