Since not everyone can afford to visit dental clinics to change the color of their teeth, the average price of this procedure in different countries, then the popularity of so-called popular recipes with activated charcoal increases every day.

Whitening teeth with activated charcoal

By the way, absolutely all these procedures are elementary, easy to perform and simple.

  • Any toothpaste mixed with activated charcoal. To prepare such a remedy you will need a tube of any toothpaste and tablets of activated charcoal, which you need to grind and mix thoroughly with the paste. As an option, you can split one tablet of coal immediately before each brushing of the teeth and mix it with the toothpaste on the toothbrush.
  • Charcoal powder for cleaning tooth enamel. For this method, toothpaste is not needed. Several tablets should be well crushed, then sprinkled on a toothbrush and walk it through the teeth. And after that it is important not to forget to wash off all the coal from the teeth with warm water.
  • Chew the activated charcoal tablets. This method was used by our ancestors when there were no toothbrushes yet. The meaning of the procedure consisted in thoroughly chewing a small piece of charcoal that is, moving it throughout the jaw. In the same way, a tablet is used today. For bleaching, you need to chew it for 4-5 minutes. And then rinse your mouth well. The main advantage of this option is that it can be used not only at home on weekends, but everywhere and at any time.

However, this procedure has a drawback, in particular, small particles of coal sometimes fall on the gums and gingival pockets, and it is very difficult to clean them out. That’s why after using activated organic charcoal teeth whitening, you need to make sure the teeth and gums are clean and, if necessary, brush them again with a wet brush and rinse your mouth with water.

Can anyone do it?

Initially, any person should understand the sequence of teeth cleaning by this method. By the way, to use for this purpose activated charcoal is allowed several times a month.

Better will combine this procedure with the means to strengthen tooth enamel. But in no case can you clean your teeth with activated charcoal every day. First, it is harmful, and secondly, it is dangerous. As they say, zanadto, it’s not sanity!

The good news is that, compared to the harmful chemical compounds used by dentists to clean tooth enamel, activated charcoal is perfectly safe for the human body. In the event that he and his saliva enter the stomach, it will not damage the health of the person in any way.

In turn, dental bleaching agents are very dangerous from this point of view. That is why the procedures for teeth whitening are performed exclusively by qualified specialists with high caution. However, even in this case, the minimum number of particles of complex medical mixtures with saliva can penetrate the human body.

Theoretically, the cleaning of activated charcoal can be done even by small children, but, given that the enamel of children’s teeth is still weak and fragile, this can be delayed.

In addition, when cleaning, in no case cannot be strongly brushed on the teeth, as is done with the use of the usual paste. Otherwise, it is possible to damage the integrity of the enamel.

In general, the number of contraindications to this procedure is minimal. It should be noted that with extreme caution, it is necessary to clean the owners of dental enamel weak in indications.

First of all, any kind of bleaching is contraindicated at or after wearing braces. In this case, the additional load for the enamel can be critical. Therefore, it is desirable to wait with similar procedures and reinforce the tooth enamel in all possible ways.

Moreover, teeth can react to this procedure in completely different ways, even if they are perfectly healthy, and their enamel is not broken at all, and therefore not damaged. In particular, its sensitivity can increase, which can lead to the appearance of painful sensations when consuming both hot and cold food. But after bleaching with activated charcoal the strictest taboo on seeds, nuts, crackers, chips. Sensations can be so unpleasant and painful that you will have to turn to specialists. Keep reading