A mobility scooter can be operated by a person who has difficulty walking due to an injury, disability or medical condition. Able-bodied people may operate a mobility scooter in specific circumstances, for example if they are demonstrating a vehicle before it is sold, disabled user training, or taking a vehicle to or from maintenance or repair.

Can I take a mobility scooter on a road?

You can if you have a class three invalid carriage. Class 2 scooters are not permitted on the roads, except in circumstances where there is no pavement available.

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How old do I need be?

You must be at least 14 years of age to operate a class 3 mobility scooter.

Will I need a license or to pay tax to go on the road with my mobility scooter?

No, but you must register. You can do this by filling in the V44 / 4 form for new vehicles or the V55 / 5 for a used vehicle. These forms are available from the DVLA. For more information on Mobility Scooters Bristol, visit a site like Pearce mobility, providers of Mobility Scooters Bristol.

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Will I need insurance?

Insurance for mobility scooters is not a legal requirement as it is for a car, but it is recommended by the police and other authorities.

Is there a speed limit?

A maximum speed of 4mph is set for class 2 mobility scooters, while class 3 carriages also have a 4mph limit on pavements but 8mph on roads.