In overly simplified terms, a telecom agent is a company that serves as the go-between. This role connects the end user customer with telecom providers. There is no doubt whatsoever that a telecom agent plays a hugely important and critical role in the telecom industry. For a customer, it may not always be possible to have complete knowledge of telecom solutions and how to go about choosing the best fit for his requirements. But when he contacts a telecom agent he can be rest assured that he is getting the services of somebody who knows how the industry operates and can use that knowledge to serve the organization as well. There are different types of telecom agents but all of them perform the role of a conduit.

The importance of a telecom agent can be illustrated with an example. If you are a business owner looking for a particular type of telecom solution then you will probably contact some of the well-known telecom companies in the country or in your region. You will rely on their experts telling you all about the kind of telecom solutions that they can offer and you will probably make up your mind based on the information you receive. But if you were to contact a telecom agent instead of a telecom company then the scenario would change for the better. A telecom agent has to operate and maintain good relationships with all major telecom carriers.

Therefore a telecom agent can widen the scope of services for you considerably. You do not have to rely on only one telecom company for your requirements. Matching your needs as clients with the services provided by telecom carriers is the job of the telecom agents. Yes, there is a certain fee that they levy for the services but when you weigh the pros and cons of using them you will realize that it is great value for money to go with a telecom agent.

From the telecom company’s point of view, using the services of telecom agents is highly useful. When a telecom company interacts closely with an independent telecom agent then the company is getting an extended presence into the market. It may not always be possible for a telecom company to have representatives or offices all over the country. But if it were to tie up with a telecom agent then it would be able to increase market reach. A telecom agent can also grow to a point where he is able to give feedback to a particular telecom company.

This feedback will help a telecom company in finding out how he is faring in the market and how his products are doing vis-a-vis his competition. For a telecom agent to be super successful in this space he first has to realize that it is an extremely competitive domain. Therefore, price is only one aspect on which he can differentiate his offerings and services from other telecom agents. Perhaps he could even think of picking up an area of “super specialization”. Emerging technologies like cloud computing do offer a lot of scope for such super specialization.