Google’s new Chrome browser update was released in July 2018, and the security of websites is now taken very seriously on its results page. Google is aiming to make the internet a safer and more secure place for users, and the SSL certificate is a big part of that.

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Google have a very good reason for doing this. According to the experts at the Search Engine Journal, cybercrime is a major security concern for web users and is on the increase. In fact, it is estimated that it will reach $2 trillion by 2019, which represents a tripling of the financial cost from 2015.

All businesses now need to take measures to protect themselves and visitors to their website, and a SSL certificate is a part of that.

What an SSL Certificate Will Do for You

Swindon web design experts such as can help you to install an SSL certificate on your site. SSL stands for secure socket layer, and it is essentially a file that creates a secure link between your site and the browser that your customer is using. It ensures that any data sent to your site is encrypted.

This means that only your site can see it, and anyone trying to intercept that information will only see a series of random characters.

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Why Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate

Just about every website collects some sort of information from customers. It may be something as simple as an email address to add to a newsletter mailing list. It could be something as sensitive as credit card or bank details when a payment is made. This sort of information is highly sought after by fraudsters. If you allow third-party access to your clients’ data, it can seriously harm your reputation as a trustworthy brand.

There was a great deal of media interest around the GDPR regulations, and the public are now very aware of their rights regarding their personal data. They now understand that an SSL certificate is a good thing, and they expect to see one in place. If it isn’t, they are likely to go elsewhere to make a purchase.

SSL certificates are also important for SEO. A site with a valid certificate will be ranked higher by Google and will get more traffic.