We all love a good, relaxing holiday and enjoy a much-needed break from the rigours of work and school. However, the credit crunch has hit families hard and it’s harder than ever to find the money for those fortnight-long foreign vacations we might once have booked every year. That might explain the rise of the UK staycation and the increasing popularity of holidays homes on parks around the country. If you haven’t stayed in a holiday home since you were a child, you might be pleasantly surprised by how they’ve changed. Here are some top benefits of choosing a static caravan break:

No flights to book

There are far stricter regulations governing leave during school term time nowadays which puts huge pressure on parents to book holidays in peak pricing times. When you choose a UK staycation, you can just jump in the car and go, or even use public transport.

No hotel rooms

If your party size is bigger than 3 or 4, hotel room booking can become a nightmare. Getting rooms together is not always possible. The benefit of a caravan or lodge is that you can choose one big enough to accommodate everyone, or book next to each other in the same resort. You also only pay one fee per accommodation and not a per person rate.

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Whether you have kids who love the disco, gran who loves the bingo or leave as much as you like on a holiday park. If you want it, you’ll find fun fairs, activities, clubs, bars, restaurants and children’s clubs all in close proximity. There are plenty of more exclusive sites, that might have these amenities close by but never in your face. There is truly something for everyone.


A break in a static caravan or lodge can work out much cheaper than other types of holiday, especially if you’re splitting the costs with other family members or friends. You could even receive further discounts by negotiating directly with the owner. There might be deals and discounts available on entertainment passes or local attractions. You never know until you ask!

Mod Cons

Caravans are a whole lot more luxurious than you might remember from childhood. Modern units normally include decking, patio furniture, a BBQ, Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, dishwashers and even hot tubs! For Static Caravans Gloucestershire, visit http://swallowlakes.co.uk/

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Great Locations

Most holiday parks are located in the best places around the country. You could be enjoying the sea air close to the beach, taking country walks in a rural retreat, fishing on a lakeside or climbing a treehouse in the forest. Holiday parks are found in the most picturesque destinations with rolling hills, mountains, lakes, farms, fields, forests and seas as your daily breakdrop.