If you and your teen are thinking about further education, then there’s a lot of information to take in. What to study, where to study, finances, accommodation and are the end results going to benefit them significantly. Here are some reasons why further education is very much worth the investment:

  1. Career Choice

It’s a fact that those who study more specific subjects at a higher level go on to have a career built around that education and are less likely to end up working at an assortment of occupations over the years. Having these kinds of skills will likely mean better money, a higher standard of living and hopefully, greater job satisfaction. A job is something for which you are paid money to perform tasks, however, an occupation is an area of work where different jobs are a part of it. Having an occupation leads to a wider range of possibilities and scope to perform a wider variety of tasks.

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  1. Independence

When you choose to study further after school leaving age, you have the chance to gain skills in independent learning and the ability to be self-sufficient and grow in confidence. Meeting a wide range of people from different backgrounds, making great friends with shared interests and broadening horizons means opening-up a world of possibilities upon graduation. Learning to stand on your two feet is a great life lesson that will benefit the young person for a lifetime, especially when it comes to independent living. If you’re thinking of studying in Gloucester, then check out student accommodation gloucester

  1. Money

The more specialist skills you have, the more pay you can be expected to earn over your adult life. It is a fact that with a completed degree, you will earn 15% more than a non-graduate will. They are also more likely to be offered promotions throughout their career.

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  1. Thinking

When you continue into further education, you will increase your ability to use critical thinking skills. The results of this are being sharper and better at your job as well as an increase in job and life satisfaction. You’ll be more open to accepting greater responsibility and decision-making and be able to see the bigger picture of your professional practice.

  1. Business benefits too

Not only do companies benefit from increased specialist knowledge from hiring graduates but can attract a better calibre of employees by promoting themselves as a company that takes further training and professional development seriously and has a learning culture. Staff will have better morale, more confidence and less staff turn-over which should result in higher company performance.

  1. Better prepared for changing world

Further education better prepares you for the ever-evolving and changing world of work and industry. If you’re used to studying and learning new skills then when further training is necessary in the workplace, you’ll be in a better position to take it in your stride. Mentally, studies have shown that lifelong learning also helps to reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.