Instagram would not have attained a $1 billion buyout hadn’t it been so unbelievably popular in the social networking scene. As per the reports published by the Pew Research Center, Instagram is the fastest growing social media network among adults in the USA. About 26 percent of adults in the USA are now on Instagram.

It is now widely popular among the young crowd as well. Instagram has found phenomenal success with the US youth. Statistics reveal that 53 percent of the youth in the USA belonging to the age group of 18 years to 29 years of age are on Instagram.

Instagram photos seem to be everywhere. They are in your email, on your phone, on Twitter or on Facebook. They are simply cool and they are best for making the ordinary look amazing. Here are some of the reasons why everyone loves Instagram today.

Instagram Is Completely Visual

Nothing could be better or more effective than a visual to narrate a story. Instagram has come into the social media networking circuit as a quick, fantastic and fun way of sharing your life with your favorite friends via a fascinating series of pictures. You simply need to click a picture with your iPhone then, simply choose a filter for transforming the feel and look. Send it to Twitter, Facebook or Flickr. It gives photo-sharing a whole new dimension. Photo sharing seems to be reinvented thanks to Instagram.

Instagram Is Micro

The current trend shows huge popularity and inclination toward micro-blogging. Pinterest and Instagram are increasingly becoming as important as Twitter and Facebook. Instagram is allowing fast, visual sharing of pictures and information, though in very few words. The chief attraction of Instagram is that it could be regarded as a mini blog with an amazing visual component that leads to complete engagement.

Instagram Is Free

It is downloadable from iTunes store as well as Play Store and the photo-editing tools come completely free for Instagram users. One major advantage of Instagram is that advertisements do not clutter up the screen space. Instagram followers love this feature.

Instagram Is Social

Thanks to Instagram you could go on showcasing your amazing photos. Instagram is itself a social media platform where you could like or even heart a post and insert your comment a well. You could follow others and similarly, they could follow you simply by adding friends.

Sharing a photo via Instagram is communicating with others regarding what you are doing and where you are doing it. But it is much more than mere communication, it is giving an ability and opportunity to smartphone users to infuse an element of creativity in their daily way of life and share a small token of digital art.

Instagram Is Fun & Easy Too

Instagram does not require a complex help page for setting it up and running it. Clicking a picture, editing, adding a caption, putting in a comment, liking, sharing are some of the simple things that you need to learn. Therefore, Instagram’s learning curve is quite easily manageable. With the help of borders, filters, and special effects, individuals with limited artistic ability and creativity are now able to completely transform the look of any photo they snap. So this seems to be great fun.

Instagram Is Instantaneous

Instagram’s beauty is that it is instant. Instagram has done away with usual problems that most photo-sharing applications have; such as, long loading times and clumsy user interface. Instagram’s latest version is known to load incredibly fast. In this digital era of instant gratification, Instagram gets many points with users simply because of this feature.

Author Bio: Ronald Sanders is a blogger. He has a deep fascination for technology and loves posting articles on any tech topic available. His recent social network series features tips on how to improve Twitter reach, Facebook presence, and Instagram followers.