Vinyl is big business again. After falling out of favour due to the advent of the CD and then later, digital music – vinyl has been revived through music-lovers, older listeners recapturing their youth and younger listeners wanting an authentic experience.

The rebirth of the vinyl record is marked by noticeable surges in sales. The sale of CDs is declining but more vinyl is being bought than it has been for decades. It’s not just a 5-minute fad either, sales have increased by 1000% since 2007. Here are some reasons why we’re experiencing a vinyl love affair once more:

  1. Desire for an active experience

Vinyl is a far more interactive experience. With a CD or digital music, you can simply press play and leave it unattended for hours. Vinyl needs a little more maintenance. You need to move the needle and flip the album. This provides more of an opportunity to actually sit and listen to the music as an active and not a passive experience. Fans are more likely to sit and read through the lyrics, appreciate the artwork and find out other information about the band from the album cover. In a digital age, it’s refreshing to look at something other than a screen.

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  1. Something to touch

An MP3 playlist can’t be held, can’t be left to your children as an inheritance or sell for thousands at an auction. The beauty of a vinyl collection is that it can be viewed, shared, traded, signed and cared for. Boxes of vinyl make life easy in terms of inheritance, whereas no matter how big or impressive your digital playlist is, there’s nothing tangible there. For a wide range of Vinyl Records, visit

  1. The thrill of the chase

Vinyl lovers will understand the joy that comes from tracking down excellent vinyl and rare records. The excitement of not knowing what you’ll uncover at various markets, local record stores, car boot sales and on eBay, for example. It’s like panning for gold but far cheaper and more accessible. Carry a list with you of the best all-time albums and get hunting for precious bargains.

  1. The people

Visiting a vinyl store is an experience that includes more than simple shopping. They are the ideal place for audiophiles to meet, connect and chat about their love of music. A digital download can never offer this level of communication or connection, even in an online forum or chat room. It’s great to get to know fellow vinyl fans, hang out, listen to albums together and discuss the latest news.

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  1. Available on the go

One of the reasons that vinyl is retaining its popularity could be down to the fact that many more artists and labels are including a digital download code when people buy vinyl. This means no second payment must be made and the music is still available for people to listen to on the go. Now you really can have the best of both worlds.