When it comes to having a website for your business designed it can be tempting try and produce this by yourself but it is always best to use a professional website design company such as a Web Design Yorkshire company. This is in part due to the fact that one of the main aims for any website is to enable potential customers to find you. This maybe customers who have seen some of your other advertising and already know your website address or it could be people searching for a particular keyword for which you wish to be known. For example a web design company would have that as one of the keywords that they include in their content text as well as in any off page link building that they have done.

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Search engines have been around for a number of years and there a variety to choose from. Each one will have a different look and feel to it but all will  be working on the same ground to produced ranked results pages of websites and web pages where the keyword that a particular individual has entered, appears.

Here are two of the most popular global search engines in use.

  1. Google

Top of the list is Google which is a US based search engine. Created by two computer wizards who  met by chance at a university orientation session, it has gone on to become the most popular search engine in the world with an estimated 1.6 billion users visiting the site each month. It it thought that Google has 73 percent of the global share of search engine result and with figures like that it make perfect sense to ensure that your website has all of the elements that the Google algorithms search for. Google has developed into much more than a search engine with the company also owning YouTube and having released other items such as Google Maps and Adwords.

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  1. Bing

Next on the list is Bing which is thought to have around 400 million visitors each month using its search engine facility and works in a similar way to Google. It receive around 10 percent of the search engine share worldwide Bing has remained focused on its search engine facility and some users have reported an enhanced video searching experience in Bing and also more advanced in its autocomplete options available.

Following behind in the list is Yahoo, Baidu and Ask.