Every business needs an accountant. They will deal with your financial worries. They will study your financial documents and make sure that you won’t have legal troubles, especially with tax agencies or related government departments. You have options when it comes to accountants.

  1. Hire a full time accountant. The first option for your startup business is a full time accountant. This person will be considered your employee. Aside from the monthly salary, you will also be required to pay for his benefits such as healthcare. Hiring a full time accountant is only ideal especially for big businesses or those who have already established themselves. For someone like you, it is a huge risk. Therefore, you need to reconsider before hiring a full time accountant to do the job.
  2. Get freelancers. This is an alternative if you wish to reduce your expenses. You only have to pay this person when you need him to deal with your financial documents. Once the project is over, you can choose to not continue the service in the future. The only problem is that these freelancers are not 100% trustworthy. You only meet them online. Therefore, you cannot fully vet them. You might not even have the guarantee that they are real accountants or if they can do the job well. You can take the risk if you want, but it is not advisable.
  3. Hire accountants from firms. This is perhaps the best option. In hiring accountants from firms, you won’t have to worry at all. They have been properly vetted by the firm. If they can’t do the job well, then the firm can easily look for another accountant to work with you. It is also easier to deal with firms in the case of any problems, since they are registered. They are also responsible for their employees. Therefore, if you are a startup business owner, this is the best choice for you. Besides, you can always look for another firm if you are not satisfied with how you are being treated by your partner accounting firm.

For now, you can take a look at the best Central London accountants, especially those who work for firms. There are a lot of reputable accounting firms in London. Some of them have even been hired by major international companies to work on their accounts. It means that they are trustworthy. It also means that they will not harm you or do anything to damage their reputation. You can count on them to do the job. Again, searching for an accountant is easy since you will only be obligated to partner with them for the specific contract that you have agreed.