Plex has managed to become, with permission from Kodi (formerly XBMC), inone of the most popular multimedia centers that can settle today. He is getting especially thanks to its many possibilities and its efforts to continue innovating and offering new features.

The last of his additions has come as a new version that adds support for DVR. This means that Plex not only help us to enjoy at home of any content that we have downloaded, but now we can also get the benefit of conventional television channels. But what exactly is the DVR and why it is so important that you have added.

What does that Plex has given support DVR everyoneMultiple options Plex DVR

Plex has been giving us so far the possibility to play streaming media files you have on your computer on any other device. This means, for example, that if we have a video, photo or audio file of our last vacation, we can use it to play on another computer, mobile or even a TV via Chromecast or Apple TV that is connected to your home network.

DVR or Digital Video Recorder technology that incorporates now gives a new leap forward, instead of just to see just what we have downloaded to the computer, you willnow begin to allow us to record the programming of any TV channel that we have tuned in TV and play later on any device.

Therefore, from now on , if it happens that DTT will issue something that interests usPlex will enable us to record it. And then we can play when and how we want both clients for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac and Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation or some ranges of smart TV devices.

This new feature is accompanied by a small redesign of the interface to add new sections to take advantage . For example, now we have a section with the program guide of our country, another to schedule recordings and a third in which we suggested programs using local programming and our tastes viewing habits. If you usually watch documentaries will recommend the best that will be broadcast on if you want to record.