Although the cold has not yet appeared in many places (in my city we still have mild temperatures), many people have already made at home the change of clothes and utensils. Short sleeves and fans leave space for the arrival of blankets, duvets, coats and radiators.

And with this appliance we stay, with a new model that comes from the hand of Xiaomi. Is there any field in which the popular manufacturer does not venture? To its catalog that includes smart locks , scales , kitchen elements , an electric motorcycle and even a garbage can , now there is a radiator that under the name Xiaomi Zhimi stands out for integrating Wi-Fi connection so that we can control it from the mobile.

The smartphone continues to gain importance in the home as a nerve center to control a large part of the connected elements. Xiaomi knows that and that’s why she throws the Zhimi. A radiator model that Xiaomi says is capable of heating a room between 10 and 20 square meters thanks to the 1,600 watts of consumption it offers.

With a conservative design, very similar to that of radiator stoves with which we have all grown , the Xiaomi Zhimi offers a system in which the air enters from the bottom, heating it inside and expelling it through the upper area.

The Xiaomi Zhimi has IPX4 protection to protect it from splashes, so it can be used in the bathroom without fear of water problems. They have also integrated several security systems, such as the one that causes them to switch off if the temperature exceeds 95º or if it tilts more than 45º.

The control through the smartphone requires that we download the Mijia application. In this way we can turn on or off the radiator, as well as how to set the temperature at which we want the house to be when we arrive. In addition, if we have a smart speaker, we can link it to manage it with voice commands.

On the side includes a touch screen if we prefer manual control. In the same we will see the temperature, which we can modify, as well as how to perform different schedules to activate at a certain time.

Price and availability

The price of the Xiaomi Zhimi in China is 399 RMB, a market that will arrive on December 15. Will we see it in other countries? For now we have no news about it.