There is no better cure for the winter blues than a walk through the countryside and nowhere better in the winter months than Dartmoor. This mysterious and ancient landscape has inspired many tales of ghosts, demons and witches to name but a few throughout the years and it is easy to see at this time of the year how there are so many spooky stories about this beautiful part of the countryside.

Make sure that you head out safely when going walking – take a full charged phone and plenty to drink, as well as the appropriate attire – for hiking socks Ireland based company  will sort you out, and don’t forget your waterproofs! Here are a few of the spooky stories from Dartmoor to look out for…

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The Dewerstone is a granite outcrop that sits high above Wistmans Wood. It is said that anyone who walks in the woods at night or gets too close to the stone will be chased away by the devil and his pack of hounds that roam the wood after dark.

Hunters Tor is one of 160 Tors on Dartmoor, but this one is the site where there have been many reported sightings of ghostly Roman soldiers standing here – the area was once the site of a Roman fort.

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Buckland Abbey – There are many ghostly stories that relate to this building, but the most popular is the story of Francis Drake. It is said that here he made a deal with the Devil to help him defeat the Spanish Armada and his ghost can be seen riding from here to Plymouth in a coach drawn by headless horses.