A jungle vacation can be an exhilarating experience for you if you plan it right. You could experience and enjoy the natural settings and the unlimited bounties of nature only if you are super sensitive to the surroundings and if you behave in a wise manner demonstrating a high degree of self-discipline and patience. For an enjoyable jungle vacation you must do enough research about the jungle you are planning to explore and get prepared. You should be ready physically and mentally to face the challenges that come on the way. Here are some tips for a successful and immensely enjoyable jungle vacation.

Wear Proper Clothes

Whenever you are planning to visit a national forest, you should remember to carry extremely sober outfits preferably those having eco-friendly dyes. You could wear Forest Khaki, Brown and Olive Green colors that are great for camouflaging or blending with the green surroundings when in a jungle. Avoid wearing shiny clothes as animals might get startled and scared simply because they are not habituated to seeing shiny or vibrant colors. Remember to wear loose-fitting, light colored cotton clothes, sunglasses and a hat during the summer months. During the cold winter months it is better to wear layers of warm clothes including mufflers and light and comfortable gloves.

Check Out the Amenities

Book in one of the reputed hotels well in advance, after proper research so that you get to enjoy all the standard facilities and amenities you expect to get during your jungle vacation. Make sure that your hotel or lodge has adequate communication facilities including free Wi-Fi, Internet access, telephone services etc. Make sure that the hotel provides all the necessary amenities for a truly luxurious and fulfilling jungle vacation. After a tiring day of jungle safari, your hotel should feel warm and inviting. You should feel happy to go back to the comfort of your hotel.

Things to Carry

You must take ample precautions before heading to the jungle in the scorching sun. Remember to get sunscreen lotion, dark sunglasses, sunshades or a wide brimmed hat for ultimate comfort. Always carry mosquito repellents to rule out dangerous diseases such as malaria, dengue etc. Bring nice pair of binoculars to enjoy a great view of the flora and fauna. Always come with oral medicines and an antiseptic cream. Do not forget to get your camera if you wish to take loads of pictures of the forest and the wildlife. Get substantial reels and extra memory card. Also, carry a licensed gun for your own safety purposes.

Find Out and Stick to Jungle Safari Timings

Usually jungle safari timings are as per the sunrise and sunset time. The park generally is open to tourists 30 minutes after sunrise and closes about 30 minutes before sunset. You must find out the exact timings from the forest authorities, who are responsible for determining the daily exit and entry timings. These timings may change without any prior notice.

Some Things to Do

When you are amidst dense forests, you have absolutely no idea what is lurking over there. You could encounter a predator any moment. So be alert. It is a good idea to carry a gun for your safety. Follow all the rules and guidelines of the national park. You must follow all dictates of the forest officers and show respect to the wild inhabitants of the forest by maintaining total silence.

You must explore the forest cautiously and slowly. Maintaining a safe distance from vehicles and wild animals should be on top of your mind. Park your vehicles in the parking zone only and keep your children on check and take good care of them. Make them realize that keeping quiet would help them enjoy more wildlife sightings.

Things to Stay Away From

Do not honk or overtake inside any national park. Do not tease or feed wild animals. Do not carry tetra packs, polythene bags or other harmful materials as they would mar the beauty of the reserve forest and would prove to be harmful to the inhabitants. Finally, do not stay beyond the fixed timings as pointed out by the forest authorities.