When we want to sell some good like our car, we face a deep ignorance of both the market prices and the legal procedures that must be carried out during such operation. But, undoubtedly, what should worry us most is what is the real price of our vehicle.

How to know how much our car is worth

On the Internet we give you a multitude of options where they offer us to make estimates of the price of our cars. Often, the more data we contribute to the more accurate system will be the appraisal.

In spaces such we find some interesting tools to calculate the value of our vehicles. They are based on a process designed in such a way that meets the objectives of potential sellers: Speed ​​and efficiency. Thanks to its system, sellers are far from hard negotiations and buyers with a significant saving of money and time.

You just have to incorporate the brand of the vehicle, the model and the year of registration into the tool offered on your website.

What advantages exist with online pricing?

  • No matter what kind of car it is, you will get an approximate price.
  • The figures presented are usually very accurate, a base from which to start announcing the sale.
  • In the network we can find many companies that offer free pricing.
  • It facilitates the establishment of a price according to what is in the market.

How does this business work? It is based on three points:

Appraisal:  Once the online appraisal has been done, the experts will carry out a second appraisal in a physical manner and free of charge.

Payment:  A final price is offered and if the seller is satisfied, the money is transferred to his account.

Change of ownership:  The same We buy your car will be who is responsible for carrying out the process of change of ownership. Once again, for free.