Absenteeism, those absences from work without just cause is a problem for companies. So is the use of social networks in working hours or presenteeism , as part of the bad habits of employees in companies .

They are all symptoms of something we are doing wrong when it comes to measuring whether or not someone fulfills their work . If what you look at are the hours that are spent in an office, not whether or not the tasks are met and if you work effectively or not, it does not matter that 17 minutes per month are lost due to absenteeism or 44 minutes are completed They are not paid as overtime.

If you do not measure what your time is spent in, it’s a little worth complaining that our employees are watching WhatsApp all day. There are many people in the office, but really working very little. They are doing social life within the company, managing personal issues, etc.

The worst of all is that in the end the employee who is efficient, who has his work up to date, if a day is missing due to a personal problem, he has to fix the paperwork, or he has his sick child is worse considered than that that he never lacks, but he is always late in his tasks , he makes extra hours because during the ordinary day he is not doing what is expected, etc.

This business culture has to change. Because the competitiveness of companies depends on it in many cases . If we do not get the most out of the workforce we have, if we establish a culture of heating the chair, we are wasting resources . Maybe there are too many employees in the company, but since we do not measure productivity, we will never be able to know it.

And this in the end supposes a higher labor cost. Even if salaries are paid that are not high. But also more hours of light, air conditioning in the company, etc. resources for which the company pays and that if everyone finishes work on time they should not be available. There is a lot of room for improvement, but not all organizations want to make the effort to achieve it.