Leggings are a great innovation. They are very comfortable to put on but many people get confused as to what to wear with them as they are neither pants nor tights. So here we will reveal various ways to wear leggings that will give you a free makeover you will love.

Here are some items you can put on with leggings.

1. You can wear leggings with knee-high boots. This is a wonderful idea for winters. Just make sure you tuck your leggings into the boots.

2. You can wear a long cardigan over a top. It will add a dash of color to your outfit and at the same time keep you warm and cosy.If your cardigan is printed and multi-coloredand if you don’t have any other color that complements it then wear it with wholesale black leggings.

3. You can wear a long tank top with your leggings in summer. If you want your outfit colorful, then you can layer 2-3 tank tops.

4. If you have a huge men styled blazer, then you can wear it with yourwholesale black leggings to give it a trendy look. Just ensure your jacket covers your bottom.

5. Another great idea is to wear a short dress with leggings. If you have a nice summery dress you can wear it with leggings as a top. Some short dresses don’t look comfortable on bare legs so it is a great idea to wear them with leggings.


6. Leggings can also be worn with a long t-shirt. If your outfit looks very simple, wear a chunky bracelet or necklace or team it up with a trendy pair of shoes.

7. Ballet flats look great with a pair of capri leggings and a dress worn as a top. If you have big calves then you must be careful as it can make your legs look a bit fat. A pair of wholesale black leggings will complement well if you have a printed or floral dress.

8. If you want a younger look then go for high top sneakers.

9. Wear a long top or t-shirt and layer it with a short jacket. You can wear it with a pair of wholesale black leggings to give it a formal look.

10. You can wear a long and loose sweater with leggings. This is great for winters and very comfortable. It looks informal and casual but gives a hip look.

It seems that leggings are here to stay for a longer period of time. Many ladies like them becausethey are versatile and comfortable. You can don them with any top or short dress and it gives you a completely changed look. They have become a must-have thing in the wardrobes. They were originally introduced in the eighties but have become a fashion statement in this era. So wear them in as many different and creative styles as you want to.