Given that there is no surefire formula for success in the realm of ecommerce, every entrepreneur foraying into this business has a lots of judgment calls to make. The foremost thing to bear in mind while setting up an online shop is a clear understanding of your goals, and then evolve a well-thought business strategy. Of course, there are hundreds of different approaches to set up your online shop, and none of them are right or wrong, but certain strategies can definitely backfire and prove counterproductive to your business initiative. Here is our pick of five must-haves for every ecommerce website:

Impressive Logo

This is often a rather neglected aspect in the world of ecommerce development. For most people, the focus is solely on getting an ecommerce store up and running as fast as possible. The general thought is that it is important to make your presence felt, the finer intricacies can be taken care of later. But that’s not the soundest approach to have. A clearly identifiable logo is a part of your company’s identity. It is what adds an element of recognition that can transform your business from a budding online store to an established brand name. So, it is important to work on an impressive and captivating logo before you go live with your ecommerce site.

Offering Freebies

One of the major factors that draw people to online shopping is the fact that is cheaper and more economical than local shops and stores. Add to that lucrative deals, freebies and discounts and you can have your target customers hooked to your website in no time. However, you need to put these offers, discounts and freebies out there for your target audience to see instead of expecting them to go looking to them on your site. It is essential that your ecommerce solutions provider understands the importance of a good display, giving you room to splash all important offers right on your homepage.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Your homepage is like the reception area to your online store. The more warm and attention-grabbing it is, the more customers you are likely to retain. The broad idea is to display the best of what you have to offer on your home page. Sure enough, there is no way to gauge the expectations or buying needs of every visitor on your site, and you can’t have your entire inventory displayed on the home page either. The trick here is to make a bold display of your best services and premium products to give your potential buyers a sense of the standards you can meet.

Make It Social Media Friendly

Another thing that your ecommerce website needs is a social media friendly interface. Statistics say more than 20 per cent of all online purchases are made after surfing through ads or links on social media sites. It is one thing to have your business presence on social media through dedicated pages, communities, and accounts, but having social media plug-ins integrated into your ecommerce platform is equally important. You never know when a customer is impressed enough by your services to hit the like, share or follow button. And that’s definitely good publicity you shouldn’t miss out on.