On a first date most of us want to make a good impression, remaining interesting and appealing. There are plenty of places a first date can go wrong, so any help you can get will benefit your chances of scoring a second chance.

Make Decisions

It is not okay to constantly force your date to make the decisions, even though it seems polite. Constantly saying, “It’s up to you” or “I don’t know, what about you?” seems nice initially. After a while, it becomes glaringly obnoxious. If you truly cannot think of a restaurant or activity, throw out a few options and allow your date to pick one.

Be Reasonable About Your Date Activities

Some activities just do not make good ideas for first dates. These activities, while fun with somebody you know well, are not conducive to conversation and include going to concerts, the movie theater or rock climbing gym. The first date should really be more about hanging out and getting to know each other than about the activity involved. Going out for dinner, coffee or drinks is a great way to achieve your goal. Neither of these options requires much of a financial investment, and there is no need for intimacy at this point. Both people need to feel that they are not in threatening situations.

Arrive Early

It is not enough to arrive on time for the date. Most will find the benefit to arriving a few minutes early. You should give yourself time to park your car and calm your nerves. Some deep breathing exercises can work wonders to lessen the stress of meeting somebody for the first time. You might also consider getting yourself a seat at the restaurant, bar or coffee shop for when your date arrives.

Take Steps to Prepare

Contact your date before the date to confirm plans, sending flowers with a flower delivery service is also a nice touch. Double check any reservations you may have made as well.

There are quite a few considerations you should keep in mind as you plan the date. Many people have dietary restrictions that prevent them from being able to eat anywhere. It is a good idea to ask about any of these restrictions, as some people do not drink alcohol or eat meat. You should also ask how both of you will be arriving so you know what to expect if buses are late or the freeways are packed. In addition, you should look into whether or not you must pay to park.

Talk About Yourself

It does not come naturally to everybody, but talking about yourself is essential to having a good first date. Your date does not want to listen to you talk about all the other people in your life, though it is not a bad idea to demonstrate that you have friends and family members that you care about. Just make sure that the focus stays on getting to know each other.