If you think being environmentally friendly is for wimps, then think again. Being manly and green means being smart and thinking of things big and small. Thus, here is a fun list of 5 ways to go green but still feel a man about it all.

Go Hunting (to Control Animal Populations)

There are many bonuses to hunting. Hunters do a lot of trekking, thus they’re often quite fit and get a lot of fresh air. While hunters and non-hunters were once at odds, they’re increasingly allied as both want to protect the habitats occupied by species like elk, turkey, and quail.

If game hunting doesn’t suit you, one can train up and be a manly green hunting hero. Skilled trackers are invaluable keeping introduced species like Burmese pythons, deer, boars, and feral cats at bay in delicate eco-systems like the Everglades.

Build an Earth-Sheltered Home

With the right building advice, these earth-sheltered homes are not only green but cost-effective and easy to build. They’re also easier to keep up than standard houses due to their lack of exposure to natures elements. What’s more: They use less surface area, hence the lawn is also the roof. The earth roof and walls provide natural insulation, making the dwelling a heat-efficient, manly cave.

Raise Free-Range Chickens

Animals play an important part in a manly diet. Free-range chickens, for example, lead considerably happier lives than those kept in factories. Many say this makes these chickens tastier too. While this is debatable, their eggs do have higher levels of Omega 3, vitamins and lower fat levels than standard eggs. In terms of green applications, chicken poop also doubles as a useful organic fertilizer and fuel.

Get a Cool Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars are growing in popularity. Part of their green appeal is their fuel efficiency to the gallon. They are also becoming increasingly manly. A good example of their increased muscle is the 2014 Ford Fusion. If you must drive, drive a hybrid, because the technology is improving all the time. With a bit of luck, one day they could run on that chicken waste you’ve stored!

Go Cycling

Riding a bike not only minimizes the environmental footprint it also helps you keep fit. For those of you who aren’t excited about the prospect of wearing tight-fitting spandex suits like Lance Armstrong, you should invest in a simple mountain bike. Or you could go with the famed “chopper” bicycle, which is perhaps the manliest bike of them all. It suits a simple t-shirt, shorts and a nice sunny afternoon.

This list is hardly definitive in terms of how it addresses masculine ways to go green. So go out there and create your own. Making little changes to your lifestyle is all it takes. And your change in attitude towards being green could help other guys change theirs. Lead by example; its the manly thing to do.