Whether you have a big or a small kitchen, it is important to make sure that you organize the appliances in it carefully. This means that when you are designing a kitchen you need to consider where to put some of the main items that you will be using. This means thinking about the cooker, fridge, sink, kettle/coffee maker and microwave.


The cooker is an item that you will probably use most of the time while you are in the kitchen. You need to make sure that it is not too close to the fridge, which needs to keep cool. You need to consider whether you will be standing at the hob a lot and if so, what you would like to be facing while you are doing so. You also need to consider making sure there is clear worktop space each side so that you can put spoons or plates when stirring and dishing up.


The fridge is something we tend to use every meal and so it needs to be close to the worktop space that you use for preparing food. It may also be good to have it close to the cooker as well, so that you can easily get any ingredients that you need from it. You may want it close to the chopping boards and knives too for when you are preparing things.


The sink is often seen as a place for washing up, but it is more than that. The dishwasher is usually next to it because of the plumbing and that will need to be central so that it easier for putting things in. You may use the sink for washing food, tipping away water from pans when boiling and things like that. It is best if the sink is therefore easy to reach from all places in the kitchen.

Kettle/Coffee Maker

You will need to fill these up with water regularly and so it will be good if they are fairly close to the sink. It will also be good if they are close to the cupboard with the cups in as well as being near to the fridge if you have milk with your beverages.


The microwave is something that some people use a lot. It is important to position it in an easily accessible place so that there is room to open the door and get things in and out easily. It is also important to make sure that you can easily pull it out to clean it and around it.

It may not be easy to reorganize everything in your kitchen but it is worth considering whether everything works ergonomically. It may be possible to change a few things around if you can and this will help you to be more efficient when you are cooking and clearing away in the kitchen. Only the main items have been considered here but there might be other things that you use a lot and you need to give this some thought as well.