Picture this, a playground packed with the hustle-bustle of kids cheering and running merrily. This seems to be an old century scenario in the urban jungle we live in. Today, kids are glued to their high-tech gadgets requiring zero physical activity. Though playground culture is fading away we can’t afford to turn our kids into couch potatoes. This is mainly because playing outdoors boasts of multiple benefits. Physical activity results in keeping kids happy develop their personality, gives them the confidence to interact with people and an active lifestyle keeps lifestyle diseases like obesity at bay in the long run. Communication skills are also improved with regular outdoor activities. When your child is exposed to a well-designed playground it helps to stimulate your child’s imagination and encourage them to discover new dimensions to play. All this said, building a playground is not an easy task so here are some important factors that you must bear in mind when doing so.

First of all, you need to ascertain what are the features that you would want for your new playground. Consider the space you have for setting up your playground as the options are endless. If your space is less then you should opt for elements such as like tall spiral slides or net climbers instead of say, a swing. You might want sidewalks, fences or grassy areas but with a tight budget, you might have to keep some adjustments for a later date.

Another thing that should not be ignored for making a great playground is that it should serve children of all age groups. The Child Play equipment should be altered to match the specific requirements including the attractive colors, adjustable height and so on. When choosing a particular equipment you must understand how will it enable the kids to be more participative. The habits of kids can also be easily monitored to a great extent by the way they interact and play in the playground. For the shy types, it is essential to have equipment that is attractive and colorful and can appeal for them to be motivated to play and learn.

Moreover, care should be taken to ensure that all the safety measures are taken with the each and every child play equipment. The quality and safety measure should not be ignored in any playground equipment design. When playing, the kids tend to fall and injure themselves, and thus it is essential to ensure that there are no rough edges or harsh surface. Prefer the equipment that has a rubber surface with recycled plastic. If you are on a tight budget go for a lesser number of equipment than compromising on the quality. Do include maintenance in your budget so that the playground is safe and a fun place for kids for a long time.

Lastly, ensure that you get inputs and ideas from different people including staff members, parents, licensing agents, funding sources and children regarding the design and Child Play equipment on the playground. This way, the playground will be apt for everyone and will be a community effort.