The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Not only does it provide hours of entertainment but information can be found very easily. There are many unusual jobs that can be done online which pay money. Here are five jobs which we reckon someone could do online to earn spare money or as their only job:

Content writer

As there are scores of websites around, this offers plenty of opportunities for writers to earn a decent living by creating content which can help it to have a decent search ranking. When a website follows Google’s Panda update, it won’t be deemed as ‘junk’ because it uses keywords sporadically. If a writer provides thousands of words every week for various websites, they can earn a lot of money.

Adult chat room moderator

When the members of an adult chat room start to argue with each other and post abuse, its reputation is affected. A moderator oversees a chat room and makes sure that everyone is having fun. A chat room normally has many other rules and a moderator holds a very important role because they act as judge and jury. If some members are persistently abusive, they can be banned and won’t continue to cause offense.

Data entry

Although a data entry position is normally done in an office, this isn’t the only place which someone can enter information into a system. Many organisations prefer to hire online workers for entering data. By providing online staff with a document that contains information and also access to a system which data is entered into, this can be done anywhere in the world. If someone wants to make money in their free time and is an accurate typist, an online data entry role is perfect for them.


An online juror role is popular with legally qualified individuals that have dealt with criminal cases before. Although they don’t sit on a jury bench alongside eleven other people, an online juror is sent information about a case. Carefully assessing legal documents, an online juror can say whether they think someone is guilty or shouldn’t be sentenced. If an online juror believes that a sentence must be handed down, they can say what it should be i.e. custodial. After providing their response, the outcome of a case can be determined far quicker than a court of law. When an online juror offers their opinion on many cases, they can generate a lot of income even when they only have a couple of hours to spare every week.