If you’re wondering how writing a branded blog can benefit your business, just take a look at these massive advantages.

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Free publicity

If you are blogging about a specialist subject, you might find that journalists take an interest should they need an industry expert to talk about a related news story. Business bloggers should take the opportunity to share their knowledge with the wider world should it arise.

Focusing on your strategy

All businesses should have a detailed content marketing strategy. Writing a blog can easily fall into this strategy by publishing relevant posts that can expand on your content tailored for other platforms, or may not have been suitable for it.

An investment

By blogging, you are creating content that will help build brand awareness and encourage sales. If you don’t feel confident setting up your blog, you could hire a professional. If you’re in Peterborough web design can be easy to find as long as you know where to look. Do your research so you can find companies such as www.routetoweb.co.uk to help.

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Relationship building

If you prove yourself to be a knowledgeable and trusted industry source, customers will come to you for information which will in turn help strengthen customer relationships and increase sales.

Customer data

By using blog analytics you can track your readers, clicks and further engagement, which can be extremely useful.

Staying relevant

To create a successful blog, you must keep up to date with industry news. It allows you to be one of the trusted sources of information rather than someone who is simply joining in with existing conversations. It allows you to be a leader, rather than a follower.

Get inspired

Blogging isn’t about writing by the book. Find inspiration when you’re out and about and incorporate it into your blog.

Help your customers gain insight

A blog is the perfect place to let your customers know who you are and what your story is. You can let them know what experience you have and how you can benefit them.

Sharpens your focus

Blogs must serve a purpose, whether that is to help promote products or share your knowledge. By writing a blog it ensures that you fine tune your business focus to help your customers understand who you are and why they should be following you.