If you’ve never considered hiring a stand-up comedian for a party, you don’t know what you’ve been missing out on. A good comedian will have guests rolling around with laughter, making for a very memorable event. Here’s our guide on what to look for when hiring a comic for your event.

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Don’t take a comedian’s word for it that they are funny. Ask them for proof of other events they’ve done and ask for testimonials or links to YouTube videos of them performing. You ideally want someone who is used to a smaller, more intimate crowd, and someone who’s happy with the fact they won’t have a dressing room.


Think carefully about the type of jokes your guests will find funny or downright offensive. If your Auntie Sheila is coming, you might not want a comedian who uses strong language, so find someone who has the right sort of humour to appeal to everyone. It’s a good idea to warn those attending your party that there will be a comic, as there are likely to be adult topics.

Be clear

Make sure your comedian knows exactly how long you want them on for, at what time and at what point in the evening. If you’re looking to hire a comedian, get help with finding someone tailored to your requirements from an experienced site, such as https://thecomedyclub.co.uk/, which can help find comics for all types of event and budget.

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Be prepared

Check with your venue that they are happy and have the appropriate equipment, such as a microphone and stand, and a suitable area for the comic to stand in. They will probably appreciate a stool or small table on which to put a bottle of water.

Don’t be cheap

In The Independent, one stand-up comic describes taking any gig he was offered initially and facing horrible late night drives home alone. Don’t forget it’s not an easy job, so be prepared to pay accordingly.

Don’t make it too long

While a paid comedy show is around two hours long, your guests won’t want to be sitting down for too long. Around 40 minutes is ideal, once people have had a chance to grab a couple of drinks and snacks. That leaves the rest of the evening for more drinks, dancing and mingling.