Your wedding invitation is the first impression guests will get about what to expect from your big day, so make them special by getting a professional to make them unique.

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Quality guaranteed

Wedding stationery is an investment, possibly making up around 7 per cent of your budget, so it’s important to get it right. Hiring a professional ensures you’ll get top-quality stationery that fits your aspirations and theme. A designer will consider all aspects of your handmade wedding invitations so you get the best quality. Not only will they use the right envelopes, best paper type, designs, colours and printing techniques, but they will also be able to make recommendations based on your budget and get the best deal with printers and suppliers.

Once you’ve agreed a design and colour and given them the correct details, they will decide the best printing technique to make them come out beautifully. They will also make sure that all the stationery, including save-the-date cards, invitations, order of service, menus and place cards match effortlessly.

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Valuable skills and experience

Choosing a designer means your wedding stationery will be unique and make a lasting impression as they have the right experience to give you exactly what you want. There are so many fonts, colours and wording to follow that it’s important to have someone who knows what works best. As the wedding website rockmywedding says, typography is an art form, with font choice, line spacing, letter spacing and placement the key to a successful design.

A designer also knows about creating custom calligraphy and the right etiquette for each piece of stationery and how to use the right design software to achieve the look you want. They have invaluable experience working with printers, ordering processes and timelines. Choose a designer who can give testimonials and examples, such as

Time on your side

Planning a wedding takes up a huge amount of time. As a bride, your to-do list is enormous, so hiring a stationery designer will take one of the biggest tasks off your hands and make sure you get the most for your budget. Doing your own wedding stationery may save you a few pounds, but it is very time-consuming and you may hit snags along the way, whereas a professional can take all that stress away.