We all enjoy watching the television from time to time, but are you one of the people who spends on average around 53 days a year watching it? What’s the story behind this intriguing statistic, and are we all watching this much TV?

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Uninterrupted viewing?

We all have things that we like to watch regularly, such as our favourite soaps, dramas or the news. They are part of our routine and we all enjoy the ritual of settling down to watch them. But are we just watching the TV when we are doing this? Research suggests that rather than concentrating on the TV, we are multitasking. We would rather get the shopping done online and check our emails and social media while we are watching TV. In fact, live commenting on what we are watching is a habit we are acquiring as a nation. Multitasking has become a way of life and is changing how we watch TV.

With watching television becoming more and more important and multitasking on several devices we often forget to put these devices away at night or hide them in a safe place.

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Watching films

It seems we increasingly enjoy watching films at home. Whether we wait for films to come onto the TV or we use one of the many packages available via satellite or cable, we like to watch them at home so we can pause them, make a cup of tea or finish them another time. This flexibility is affecting our viewing habits. Blockbuster films are being made to entice visitors back to the cinema after years of decline, according to the Guardian.

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Digital demands

Research shows that people are watching TV on satellite and digital services. They are streaming, as opposed to watching according to a set schedule. Rather than sticking to traditional viewing habits, we are watching on demand and binge watching television series. People are changing from having basic TV, and are keeping up to date with the technology required to ensure that they can access TV using streaming and satellite services. As many drama series and sports fixtures are only available through satellite and digital services, these favoured genres are leading many to upgrade.

According to OFCOM, we watch approximately 4 hours of TV a day, more time than spent on other media devices. TV is still a very popular pastime in this digital age.