We live in a digital age now where so much of our lives are lived online; banking, shopping, socialising even! With so much focus on a digital presence and online promotion, it’s easy for some retailers to forget that a physical presence does have its advantages, especially if it’s only a temporary thing.

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Pop-ups offer you a chance for real engagement with potential customers, to talk to them and show them products first hand.

Proper prior planning

The set up itself might not take long, but you should put in plenty of time in advance to plan everything and make sure it all runs smoothly. Organise signage, staffing and stock well ahead of time, and consider the design and location in advance to make sure you don’t waste time or money.

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Timing is everything

Is there a particular season or event that suits your product? Perhaps you could target a Mother’s Day event, or maybe a back to school or Christmas gifting opportunity. Valentine’s Day is a peak time for jewellery-makers. Picking the right time and place for your pop-up is key. Understand your target market and think about where they’ll be.

Location, location, location

Research ahead of time and check footfall numbers. Even the most beautiful pop-up with a stunning product won’t work if there is no passing traffic.

Also while your shop is in its current location make sure its clean and tidy. There is nothing worse than walking into a dirty shop with mess everywhere. You could look at getting a Commercial Cleaning Company in Cheltenham at sites including http://cleaningcompanycheltenham.co.uk to come in and give it a clean before you open and then how ever many times in the week to keep it clean.

Make people take notice

Setting up the pop-up is one thing, but persuading customers to come and look is quite another. Give them something to grab their attention so their curiosity gets the better of them and they can’t walk past. Lighting works well, as does music or movement. People respond well to video, so having a film of some sort playing will make a big difference, whether it’s a show-reel of your products set to music, an interview with you about how the brand came to be.
Shopify – who know a thing or two about online retailing! – have put together a guide for why a pop-up shop can be so good for your digital business. Read it here  https://www.shopify.co.uk/guides/ultimate-guide-to-pop-up-shops/why-run-a-pop-up.


You want to promote the pop-up, but don’t forget the pop-up is key to driving people to your regular space, online. Prepare some promotional material to help encourage repeat business and build brand awareness.