Dressing tables are the most versatile piece of furniture that are mostly placed in the master bedrooms and have both functional and decorative value. The dressing tables are meant for containing dressing accessories like cosmetics and jewellery, as well as have a big mirror fitted on them for the purpose of dressing up. From old Victorian period to recent times, dressing tables have gone through many different forms and designs. Following are the descriptions of dressing tables of different style:

Classic style

These are the traditional types of furniture that contain mainly wooden themes. The wood can be of light shades like pine-wood or in darker shades, like mahogany and walnut. The polish and finish of the woodmay also vary from natural unfinished look to glossy surface and add extra charm to the bedroom decor. These classic styles of dressing tables are still very useful as they contain many drawers to hide all the clutters of cosmetics and jewellery and give a neat look to your bedroom.

Romantic type

These are the unique types of dressing table that are designed in a simple yet artistic way. The number of drawers may be fewer but the rim of the glass or other parts of this piece of furniture is beautifully ornate. These dressing tables can be made of different types of materials other than wood and the paint and varnishes used on it can be of romantic colours, like pink or white. There might be floral design or abstract patterns on these types of dressing tables to add a romantic touch to your bedroom’s interior decor.

Contemporary style

Simplicity is the key to modern interior design and so for the furniture. Modern dressing tables are designed mostly with straight lines and simple monochrome of black and white colour. Sometimes abstract geometric patterns are also popular among the contemporary dressing tables. They have sleek long glasses and hidden shelves beyond the glass with a small table top. These dressing tables are designed to occupy the least space and sometimes they are hanged from the wall. The style statement of this kind of dressing tables can be enhanced by keeping a narrow vase with a single flower on the table top or just displaying one or two personal articles like a beautiful jewellery box or a nice bottle of perfume. Some latest designs have lights fitted on it and electric ports to use hair-dryer or electric shavers. Whatever you do to enhance the beauty of the dressing table, remember to maintain the minimalistic look of this contemporary piece of furniture.

You can either buy a ready-made dressing table or can order a custom-made one. There are many furniture stores and online shops where you can search for the dressing table of your choice. It’s your decision that whether you want a dressing table with many drawers for best utility or a fancy one for decorating a corner of your bedroom. Bigger dressing tables are suitable for large bedrooms while a sleek one is ideal for smaller rooms. You must consider the theme of the decoration of your house for buying an ideal style of dressing table. Expert interior designers now even suggest installing the wall-mounted dressing tables in bathroom, though dressing tables are still considered as an important part of bedroom furniture.