Leaving home to go to university means being responsible for feeding yourself. This could be the first time you’ve had to cook for yourself, and while you might be thinking you can live on fast food, the novelty will soon wear thin – unlike your waistline! Once you’ve found your Canterbury Student accommodation, make sure you stock the kitchen with these following cupboard essentials. For more information, visit https://canterburystudenthomes.co.uk/

Salt and pepper

Able to add some flavour to even the blandest of ingredients, salt and pepper are the must-have duo for any kitchen. Whilst we all know that too much salt is bad for us, a little dash to season a meal is an essential part of cooking. Investing in a proper salt and black pepper is thoroughly recommended.

Mixed herbs

Dried herbs are another secret to livening up a dull dish. It’s a cheap and effective way of cooking great-tasting food. Choose the herbs you like most and buy yourself a cheap shaker and you’ll be adding a whole lot of panache to everything you make.

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Cooking oil

This is an essential for cooking just about anything. Don’t be tempted to buy the super-expensive extra virgin olive oil because a recipe tells you to. The normal stuff will do just fine. Even cheaper is sunflower or vegetable oil which will also do the job perfectly well.

Rice & Pasta

There are so many things you can with rice, so add this to your dried essentials list. It provides an alternative to pasta, the other must-have cupboard item.  Rice and pasta are so versatile, you don’t ever have to get bored with it. There are hundreds of combinations of sauces, meats, veggies and spices that can mixed with either of these carbs.

Chopped tomatoes & Puree

Better than fresh, tins will last for ages and they can be added to just about any dish for a tasty and healthy option. Add to pasta or a curry, whip up a chilli or some Mexican enchiladas – they are great for every cuisine! Puree is perfect for adding taste to meals and providing the base for your favourite pizzas.

Baked beans

Yes, beans really are the backbone of student life. Cheap, quick, easy and packed full of goodness – pop them on some toast or in a baked potato. A quick way to have one of your five a day and can be jazzed up with a dash of Worcestershire sauce or tabasco.


The most versatile vegetable known to man, you can boil, roast, mash or chip to create a different meal every time. Store them in a dark, cool place to help them last longer. Cut into cubes, put onto a baking tray, then drizzle with oil and herbs for the easiest, most delicious ways to enjoy spuds.

Tea & Coffee

Surely there isn’t a kitchen in the land without tea bags, instant coffee and sugar. Whether you’ve just woken up or just got in from a long and stressful day, who do we turn to? Our best mates, tea and coffee.