Taking content or data from the internet can make your website or business more responsive.

One example is to capture screenshots from the web this maybe to record the state of a website at a current point in time, capture a chart or map. Or provide thumbnails for a website.

Many webmasters like to convert web pages into a PDF documents perhaps to create invoices or export information from an application for their users.

Using GrabzIt it is easy to achieve common web capture and conversion objectives like this. For instance the easiest way to capture websites at regular intervals without writing any code is to use GrabzIt’s online screenshot tool. this screenshot tool allows users to set up automated tasks with a wide variety of options to convert documents into images, PDF’s etc, and send the result to wherever you wish.

However for your website or app to create thumbnails, extract parts of a page, or capture charts etc, requires you to use GrabzIt’s API, this flexible API is easy to use and is available to use in eight programming languages, including PHP, ASP.NET and Java.

Finally many companies like to extract data from their competitors or other sources of information to carry out their business this maybe, stock prices, product prices or other information.

One of the most simplistic ways to achieve this is to use GrabzIt’s HTML table to CSV service, this converts a HTML table into a CSV or Excel document. While this can be done via the screenshot tool, it also allows table information to be easily extracted and processed via programming languages such as PHP.

Alternatively if a business wants to extract non-tabular data GrabzIt’s Web Scraper can extract information from any part of a web page and put it into a easy to use format that then can be automatically emailed to a user, uploaded to a server or fed into a application. If you feed it into a application it enables your app to act intelligently to changing information on the web.