Growing your user base and getting your app off the ground can be a real struggle for developers, which is why it is important to consider mobile advertising. Advertising agencies have access to enormous global networks of chart topping apps, and when high impact ad formats are used it can captivate and convert this enormous audience.

For any app developer looking to reach their audience with maximum efficiency and engage with this audience, knowing how to do so can be difficult. Many app developers struggle to launch their app and grow their user base, and this is because it is extremely hard to acquire quality users and at scale without access to a network of premium and chart topping app developers, studios and providers. In order for this to happen, you will need to use the services of high performance mobile advertising agencies. These agencies can assist through app advertising or promotion, which will allow you to reach an enormous and global audience of high quality users. When high impact ad formats are then used, it will help to captivate and convert this audience for an extremely powerful ad campaign.

The best mobile advertising agencies will have an expansive network of premium apps from around the world, and this can be in excess of 65,000. This will give developers access to a gigantic volume of high quality global users, and this is ideal for any developers looking to get their app off the ground or simply grow their user base. Not only do developers get access to this huge network, but they can also get matched to the best fit partner through advanced partner matching technology. Through a direct deals marketplace, you can explore hundreds of different opportunities to find the right deals and partners, and connect with like minded developers. You get full transparency so that you can see who you are partnering with and how well they perform, and this can provide you with peace of mind.

This will give you enormous reach and see you promote your app to high quality users all around the world. In order to convert these users, high impact ad formats have to be used which are captivating but also provide the user with an ideal app experience. The most effective formats are native ads which are seamlessly interlaced onto the app layout, video ads which promote strong user engagement and are an immersive experience, plus interstitials which are full screen and highly targeted adverts. These are the formats which will help to captivate and convert the user. On top of this, you can also reach your target audience with precision through the use of mobile ad targeting where contextual, geographical and demographic targeting technology is used.

With all of this, you can reach an enormous global audience and convert users to grow your user base and get your app off the ground. App promotion has become hugely valuable for app developers, and with the top agencies you will get fast and exceptional results thanks to their expansive network of premium apps.