When you are thinking of refreshing your office space or the interior design of your home, it makes sense to know the value of working with a great interior design company.

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Know design is about function as much as looks

One option for a new kitchen might be perfect for one client but useless for your space. A good interior designer will not only use what they have used before but also help you to understand how it is as valuable to ensure that spaces flow, that they are functionally lit and that furniture and items to be used in the space all fit seamlessly as it is to decide on the colour of the walls or the look and feel of the furnishings.

Identify missed opportunities

You may think you have a seating area or a bathroom space for them to work with; however, by creating a plan based on observation of how you use a space, a professional interior design company will show you opportunities such as adding a hot-desking space or incorporating multifunctional space in your scheme.

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They will also be able to work with office fit out companies to ensure no opportunities are missed while the design is being made into a reality. Some companies, such as Mobius at work provide office fit outs in addition to interior design services.

Improve the value of your space

The impact of the improvements made during a renovation of a home or an office or a retail space should always be considered in terms of the impact on the final sale price. The materials used, the number of people that can be accommodated in a space and the ratio of facilities will all affect the value of your property, with a great interior designer knowing how to help you optimise this should you be thinking about selling. The right office fit out can help local area regeneration, according to On Office magazine.

Think about how the space helps your wellbeing

Great interior designers know how much impact the spaces around us have on how we feel. Our wellbeing is affected by the lighting, the quality of the air we breathe and the comfort of our surroundings, with interior designers ensuring that air flow, light and comfort are all key considerations in your scheme.