It’s no secret that the property market has changed beyond recognition in the past few decades, but it seems the habits and preferences of first-time buyers are also moving with the times.

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According to an article in The Independent, the age of a first-time buyer has gone up by almost a decade since the 1960s. This hike in the age of those looking to get onto the property ladder could be one contributing factor to the statistics that suggest more buyers are looking for rural locations rather than urban settings to settle down. This also includes those looking to retire and move into Gloucestershire Park Homes. These people also seek out the quiet and tranquil surroundings of the countryside.

The ‘living Cotswolds’

One area that has soared in popularity is the Gloucestershire countryside. An area associated with rolling hills, quaint villages, great local amenities and an altogether more relaxed pace of life, this part of Gloucester has earned the title the ‘living Cotswolds’. What is it about the Gloucestershire countryside that is so appealing to those searching for their forever home?

What’s on offer?

The area is made up of several villages and market towns. One of these is Nailsworth, which has been voted one of the best places to live in Britain. Most of them are filled with village pubs, independent coffee shops and natural places of beauty such as cattle fields and commons. Local schools in places like Charfield have an outstanding rating with Ofsted, and all of these aspects group together to give people of a certain age the things they want in life: a combination of peace and quiet, things to do and good facilities for them and their families.

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A perfect development

A report that a new development known as Kingswood Fields has proved extremely popular with first-time buyers.

Made up of affordable three- and four-bedroom houses, the developers have made these ideal family homes available to buy with the government’s “Help to Buy” scheme, which is a brilliant resource for those taking their first steps onto the property ladder. When looking for their first home they will want to know that the property is in good order and look after which a lot of landlords will often use their own system to keep track of.