One of the top ways to get ready for the installation of a new kitchen or any home improvements is to get a head start and prepare early. Designers and builders of your kitchen will help you achieve the best kitchen remodelling experience possible. Here are some further tips for getting everything ready for this exciting project:

1) Setting up and emptying your kitchen. The first thing to do is to prepare the physical space. Completely emptying your cupboards, and getting everything you can out of the room. Pack up in boxes, tape shut and label up anything that you do not use on a regular basis. If there is a heavy appliance that you are struggling to move, ask the kitchen fitters if they can move it for you, although they will probably want everything else out of the way and appliances to be moved easily accessible. For Essex Kitchen Fitters, visit a site like

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2) Remove images, art, and mirrors from the walls. The next thing to do is to take pictures and mirrors and anything else off the walls and the walls on the other side of the kitchen as well if another room adjoins the kitchen. Remove everything from the opposite side. Items hung on walls can rattle and bounce when construction begins.

3) Set up a temporary kitchen. Move the refrigerator to the garage for example or find a table to set the microwave on, as well as the toaster, coffee machine, kettle and any other small appliances that you will use in your temporary kitchen. A sandwich maker is another very helpful appliance to have to hand. Get yourself heaps of disposable cups, paper plates and plastic cutlery. As desirable as it sounds to eat out every night or rely on fast food, you’ll soon tire of it and it becomes expensive. If you are a good cook and you usually cook at home, prepare meals ahead of time and stock up your freezer with some of the family’s favourite meals you can just thaw and heat up. Eating healthily will help you keep your sanity while waiting for your new dream kitchen to be completed.

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4) Protect the other rooms in your home from dirt, debris and dust. If the contractor does not offer this as part of the package, you could close off the area where work is being carried out with plastic sheeting and keep all the doors closed. If you are going to need to get in and out of that door, you can buy a plastic shield with a zipper door, for example. This is a great way to prevent the spread of dust from entering the rest of the house.