Having a conservatory is a wonderful way to add additional space and value to your home. They are a flexible option that can be used for all sorts of different functions, creating precious extra space.

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If you are looking into conservatories and thinking about adding one to your home, you may also want to look at other options such as those offered by an Aluminium Sliding Doors Swindon company which allow you to make the most of the wall space that you have at the back of your house, rather than losing garden space by building a conservatory. These style of doors create a garden room instantly when you open the up.. If you already have a conservatory, perhaps it’s time for a makeover. There are big improvements to be made on even the smallest budget.


Vintage styling is everywhere at the moment, and our conservatories are no exception. To make the vintage style work in your space, don’t go overboard with it; choose one or two key pieces – like a coffee table in the middle of the room – and make sure the look is not too overly coordinated at any one time.


Long the fashionable trend for stylish interiors, the industrial look is surprisingly flexible. Mix traditional styles with brighter accents.

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Shabby chic

Shabby chic is another interiors trend that does not look like it’s going to disappear any time soon. Use a base of white furniture and white accessories as a base.


Bring the outdoors in with a floral-based décor, then add a statement floral wallpaper or a touch of horticulture through prints and fabrics. Throw open the doors and enjoy your space!

Totally Tropical

You’ve undoubtedly seen the flamingos and pineapples that are everywhere at the moment, part of a very popular tropical trend. We’re not saying you have to find space for a flamingo, but we’re confident you’ll love the greens and oranges of this trend. Start with bold prints against a neutral base – rattan is always popular for conservatories – and cut yourself a slice of the tropics!

For more tips on the interior design and styling of your conservatory, see the suggestions from Ideal Home.

Ultimately, whatever style you choose is easily updated. Interior fashions change just like any other trends, and nothing is forever, so choose something that you love now and throw caution to the wind. The trick is not to see your conservatory as an add-on; instead, treat it as part of an important part of your home.