Clean glass can make a huge difference to your vista on to the world – or bathroom – so it’s important to do it properly. You might not know until light hits the panes that the glass is covered in smears. Using the correct tools in the first instance can help minimise the streaks and leave your glass sparkling.

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We look at some of the best squeegees on the market so you can choose the right one for your glass, be it windows, 12mm shower glass panels, car windows or mirrors.

GBPro Window Squeegee

This has a lovely wide blade, at 35cm, making it perfect for larger surfaces like shower panels and home windows. You can tackle them with fewer strokes.

Specialist bathroom retailers like Marvin and Pinch offer large shower panels, which might necessitate a larger blade for easier cleaning. This squeegee has a non-skid handle to help grip.

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OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee

This is a sturdy and durable model, perfect for cleaning rough surfaces thanks to its wide rubber blade. It comes with a suction cup to hold it on a wall, though the weight of the squeegee itself might mean the suction fails.

OXO also makes a rubber “Good Grips” flexible model, which is great for smaller glass spaces; the narrow blade is better with detail, but larger spaces that will take longer to deal with.

Elliott Shower Squeegee

The Elliott is a super-lightweight model with a 25cm rubber blade. It is a flexible blade, which gives scope to clean more unusual shapes, although you might need to apply a little more pressure to counter the flexibility. It’s a great choice for tiles and also works well for mirrors and windows, including car windows.

E-PRANCE Stainless Steel Shower Squeegee

If you didn’t think a simple squeegee could be a thing of beauty, check out this E-PRANCE. It is something you’ll want to use – it has a chrome finish and a wall mount that tells you exactly where it wants to be. The mount does require that a hole is drilled in the wall, which won’t be for everyone.

For more tips on keeping your glass crystal clear, see The Spruce.

Once you find a method that works for you, you might find it strangely addictive and have sparkling glass throughout your home!