When a vet recommends a product to you, you might wonder whether they truly believe it’s the best product on the market or if they’re trying to get a sale. However, when a fully qualified vet uses the same products on their own beloved animals, you know it’s got to be trustworthy. That’s certainly the case with the Stinky Stuff product range.

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Excellent Products for an Excellent Price

Nowadays there are products developed for just about every ailment. These include muscle and joint aches, anxious or stressed-out pets and general malaise following the dreaded annual shots. But perhaps one of the hardest markets to crack is the treatment for excessive scratching.

There’s Nothing Worse Than an Unscratchable Itch

We’ve all been there: you’ve got an unbearable itch and aren’t quite able to scratch it – perhaps it’s out of reach, or perhaps you’ve developed a particularly persistent skin condition which you need to visit your doctor for. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world. Well, imagine how your animal feels when they encounter the itch and can’t even tell you about it.

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There are several products on the market to help with animal itching. Amongst these is the Stinky Stuff animal range. This has been proven to be particularly effective when dealing with skin conditions that many other products do not assist with.

Protecting Your Horse Against Sweet Itch

But what is sweet itch? Vets are often asked this. Otherwise known as summer itch, or Pruritis, sweet itch is a condition which sees horses biting and scratching at their own skin, often causing damage to it in their frenzy to scratch an unseen itch. It is thought that itching in horses is caused by one of three main reasons: biting insects, infections and allergies.

Pure and Natural Animal Remedies

Stinky Stuff produce a range of products which have been developed from 100% natural high-quality ingredients. They offer horse, dog and cat remedies for your furry friends, designed to alleviate the symptoms of skin ailments, from mites to wounds and unidentified itching. Please do note that whilst these products are tried and tested, they should not replace veterinary consultations or advice. These products include soothing oils, shampoos and massage rubs, all designed to soothe and pamper your pets.