When installing a new laminate floor, it is vital to keep an expansion gap at the boundary of walls and any fixed object such as columns, thresholds, fireplaces and radiator pipes.

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As wood is a living, natural material, it reacts to changes in temperature and its environment. By leaving a gap, you allow the floor to contract and expand as the climate and humidity change.

Radiator pipe covers for laminate floors

Radiator pipe covers are an inexpensive and straightforward way to conceal unpleasant gaps cut into your laminate flooring for your radiator pipes. Where possible any works that you are having done to your heating systems such as those provided by a Boiler Installation Gloucester  company such as https://redbridgeandsons.co.uk/heating-systems-gloucestershire/boiler-installation-gloucester/ will be carried out before you have any new flooring laid down.

Also known as pipe ferrules, radiator pipe covers are circular in design to perfectly fit closely around the heating elements in any room. They hide unsightly copper piping to your radiators and add a neat finish and character to your new laminate flooring.

Laminate pipe covers are specifically designed for laminate flooring and are made from foil – a thin sheet of metal that has a similar appearance to paper but is a lot thicker. The pipe covers have a self-adhesive back with a cut across the cover to easily install around the radiator piping.

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Laminate flooring in the home

Laminate flooring is not only an attractive choice for flooring but also extremely strong, scratch-proof and hardwearing.

Radiator pipe covers are also available in a variety of colours and types, making it simple to find the right ones for your floors.