Effective marketing plans for businesses include a mix of offline and Internet marketing efforts. While each portion of the marketing plan includes various steps and techniques, there are some tactics that should definitely be on the list. In the world of Internet marketing, one of the most effective forms includes social media marketing. When you review the number of people using social media networks on a daily basis and the amount of time people are spending on these networks, it’s evidence enough that you should be using social media as part of Internet marketing strategy for your business.

Raving Fans – Word-of-moth marketing has long been beneficial to businesses. Word-of-mouth marketing has moved to the online world and social media is the avenue that millions of people are using to share product and service information with other people. This means that when your business has a presence on social media networks, you have a ready-made base of raving fans that can help you spread the word about what you offer.

Responsiveness – After monitoring conversations that were taking place on social media networks, 1-800-FLOWERS discovered that potential customers were encountering problems when trying to place flower orders during high-traffic times of the year. Because the company was able to find this out, it instituted a way for customers to place their orders through the 1-800-FLOWERS Facebook page. In short, social media interaction with your fans and prospects allows you to respond to their needs and desires.

Social Media as Part of Internet Marketing – Social media marketing is one portion of Internet marketing. When businesses use social media marketing effectively, it can be a very powerful Internet marketing tool in spreading the word about the business, products and services. Businesses, of course, should not rely on social media as its only marketing tool online, but can use it to share information, tips, advice and discounts that all help to build relationships with existing and new customers.

Social media is not the beginning and end of your Internet marketing efforts. It should, however, be a portion of your strategy. Social media is an Internet marketing tool that allows you to strengthen the relationships you have with existing customers and reach new customers.