The primary business of financial services consultants is money management. Also called financial advisors, they have knowledge and experience in every aspect of money management, from corporate mergers to personal debt management. Sometimes financial consultants cover every area of money management; often, though, they specialize in one particular niche within the field like investments or debt management. Frequently, financial consultants work for mortgage brokers, banks, or other financial institutions. They may also have their own business from which they work or may work for a financial consulting firm that employs multiple consultants.

Personal financial services consultants frequently specialize in one area, like loan options, savings, and investments, or debt management but are knowledgeable about every aspect of personal finance. They are able to help people come up with a sensible strategy for working toward their financial goals, and they provide the necessary support to help them reach those goals.

Financial services consultants may be trained in handling personal finances, but many are also trained in corporate money management. Some consultants are employed by a single company and take care of all the financial aspects of that company. Others have their own business or work for a consulting firm and handle the financial management needs of multiple clients. Business finance consultants work with businesses to develop budgets and provide advice and recommendations for investments and other financial planning needs.

Financial services consultants are invaluable resources to many businesses and individuals because of their knowledge of financial issues as well as the legal aspects of them. Though they are not attorneys, financial advisors help businesses and individuals devise financial plans that help to keep them within legal bounds while working toward their financial goals. Financial consultants advise their clients in ways that will help them make sound financial decisions that are both legal and prosperous.