Moving to a new house is stressful enough for adults, but dealing with a move for children and teens can bring a whole host of additional considerations.  Here are some tips for moving home with kids:

  1. Talk about the move early on

Once the decision has been made, get the family together and discuss it straight away. It’s good to get the kids involved early on and encourage all of their questions. Reassure them that they are the first to hear the news and this should provide a level of assurance that they matter in the process.

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  1. Keep calm and open

Don’t expect cheers and celebration. It’s ok if your children show signs of being upset. Allow all their questions, let them vent and don’t get angry if you don’t get the response you’d hoped for. Children need to know they have been heard, even if this involves storming off and slamming their bedroom door!

  1. Remain firm

When the decision is made, it’s best not to get cold feet and start to waver. This will only make your children feel less secure and they may start to worry. Talk through any concerns with your partner or friends away from the children, so there can be no doubt in their minds that the move is happening. Ensure the whole process is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Consider a professional Removal Company Essex at a site like

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  1. Give them lots of information

Share with your children as much as possible, such as details of where, when, why and how for example. Don’t bombard them with details but provide them with information when they ask. Let the news sink in and then they will come to you with questions.