The colour and decoration of your home is a very personal thing and people will often look to colours that they like or current trends in order to pick the colours and patterns that they want to use in the home decor. A Decorators Cheltenham way such as can offer you some insight into colours that may work in the space that you have, as well as decorating the rooms for you.

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Here are some interesting facts about what the colour of your walls says about you.

Blue – this colour is often used in bedrooms and bathrooms as it is a calming and tranquil colour. Of course this depends very much on the shade of blue that you opt for. If you like darker shades it is worth thinking about an accent wall and then using a lighter blue or cream colour on your other walls to help balance this out.

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Yellow – a colour that is associated with happiness and sunshine you often find it used in bathrooms and in young children’s rooms. Again the tone of the colour is very important to consider.

Green – the colour of nature helps to bring calm into a room. There are various shades that can be found from apple white through to a dark olive green. You should treat this colour the same as blue and balance any dark shades with lighter tones elsewhere in the room.