With Christmas coming up, people are wanting to get together, office Christmas parties are happening, and there is generally a lot more emphasis put on having a good time at this time of the year. So, if you are thinking of having a night out in whether for work or just as a group of mates meeting up, head for the bright lights of London, and try out one (or a few!) of some of the best cocktail bars that there are – sorry they can’t all be included here, but the list would be far too long!

The Looking Glass Cocktail Club, Shoreditch

Cocktails here: Turtle soup – a flaming punch bowl served by no other than the mad hatter himself, and shrinking violet – a layered sparkling cocktail that changes colour.

For people who want something a bit different, and want a decadent unusual night out with entertainment, this place certainly won’t disappoint! Step through the looking glass into wonderland and enjoy drinks that are delicious and unique – created in the underground laboratory ‘Underland’ – where mixologists are hard at work creating their own special brews that promise fantastic cocktails!

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The Toyshop, Putney

Cocktails here: Vodka, lychee, lemon juice, peach and red berries – served in a mug of colourful bricks that you get to keep! Breakfast Bon bon –  gin, sugar, lime, hibiscus, and marmalade, garnished with an edible hibiscus flower.

Mouth-watering cocktails are served here, and are presented in colourful and eye catching containers. If you are based near here, like London SEO agency http://www.elevateuk.com/ this is the perfect place for a work night out, as they have a happy hour on cocktails between 5pm – 8pm every weeknight.

Tropicana Beach Club, Covent Garden

Cocktails here: Bananarama – rum, banana, orange, and chocolate bitters, Kelp Me – rum, midori, Malibu, kiwi puree, apple.

This is a great place for those who are feeling the effects of the cold weather and pining for their summer holidays (they seem so long ago now don’t they!) As you can tell by the cocktails, the theme here is very much beach bar – and it shows! It is never winter in here – there is a large lagoon pool, and relaxing hammocks, to complete the feeling of being on holiday! So, if you and the group are feeling a bit down in the dumps, a night out here is definitely what is needed!

Oriole, Smithfield Market

Cocktails here: Umckalaabo – Mount Gay, Black Barrel, Amaro, Carub moka, Centrebe, and geranium ice cream, Carpathian Swizzle – Belvedere unfiltered, Mistletoe, Loveage, Spinach Apertif, Cedro Jam, Lemon, Cream soda sherbert.

As you can tell by the cocktails above, this is no ordinary cocktail bar! If you want a special night out and the opportunity to taste some truly amazing blends of ingredients, this is definitely the place for you. You will need to book early, as this place is very popular!

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