Over the years, much has changed in the sales industry but the rules of making a sale are still the same. New tools such as social media can help a good salesperson expand his/her clientele. However, when put in the hands of a salesperson that lacks sales astuteness, these tools are completely useless. Therefore, great sales techniques are what matters when it comes to being a successful sales professional. With that said, below are some useful tips for any individual looking to make it big in the sales industry.

Focus On Value

A good salesperson is one who does not talk too much about his/her goods or services, but rather emphasizes the value of the products to the potential customer. While product qualities such as convenience and appearance are important to point out, they may be less appealing than the amount of money that can be saved overtime by buying a certain product, or the increased productivity that can be achieved from using the product. Therefore, spelling out in clear details the value of a service or product to potential customers helps increase the chances of achieving many sales. To further draw in a customer, a salesperson can customize his/her offerings to each client while stressing on value.

Perfect the Art of Listening

Nothing is more vital to a salesperson than their ability to listen to what the customer is saying. A salesperson who listens will be able to ask relevant questions and uncover the needs of a customer. This helps the salesperson to become keenly focused on the desired outcomes of the customer, thus making the sales pitch more personalized. Most reluctant buyers are hesitant due to uncertainties about the product, or because of something planted in their minds by competitors offering a similar product. By listening, a salesperson will be able to probe some more, find out the reasons why a customer is not willing to buy, and then change the customer’s mind by addressing those reasons.

Focus on Major Clients

In the business world, nothing should be taken for granted because even the most loyal of clients can walk away when they find better prospects. The same applies in the sales industry; therefore, salespeople should find ways of strengthening their relationship with major clients. This can be done in a variety of ways ranging from making sale follow-ups to sending birthday cards. The key is to ensure that the client feels valued.

Be a Firm Collector

A sales job can be greatly affected if clients who take goods on credit do not pay in good time. These clients can affect the salesperson’s ability to fully serve other clients thus leading to devastating consequences. For this reason, all salespeople should ensure that debts are cleared in good time. The best way to collect debts is to be polite but firm and ensure that clients understand the need for making timely payments.

By putting the above tips into practice, a salesperson will enhance his/her chances of becoming successful in a highly competitive industry. Aside from these tips, a positive attitude, a smiling face, politeness, and a good sense of humor are key qualities that help make a salesperson successful.

Ailsa Blair works in a sales management leadership workshop for professionals in the sales industry. During her spare time, Ailsa writes articles touching on a variety of topics for XpressRecruitment.